Sail ho! Treasure Raid missions added!

A new update has been uploaded for the game. The major addition in this version is the new Treasure Raid mission type.

In a nutshell, treasure raid missions are great for amassing a good chunk of gold before you make your way to the merchant to purchase new items and healing. Intercept the galleons, land some hits with your cannons to make loot crates fall off, collect them and get out before the security shows up! The mission ends when one of these conditions are met:

  • The galleons leave the combat area
  • You leave the combat area (there is now a big exit sign/cloud thing pointing to where this exit is)

The latter means you can even head for the exit as soon as the mission starts, if you do not want to engage the escorts.

Check out the video below to see how this new mission plays out!

Other improvements / changes to the game include:

  • Rejigged loot buffs to make certain buffs more powerful. In general if a buff requires you to change play style to trigger the benefit (e.g. specific altitudes, winds, low health, etc), it gets a higher bonus. Things that have more consistent benefits now give lesser buffs (e.g. daytime and night time buffs).
  • Choppier ocean waves with low winds and storm conditions.
  • Various bug fixes.

As always, looking forward to hearing your feedback if you have any to share.

Happy treasure hunting!


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