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Pirates of Gravitae

Dogfighting seadogs! A roguelike swashbuckling adventure! · By Innerverse Games


Recent updates

Update a0.4 Land Ahoy + Steam Early Access on March 31st
Hello fellow rogues, A quick update to announce that version a0.4 of Pirates of Gravitae, the rocket propelled action roguelike, is now available on itch. This...
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Fortissimo! Forts added for the new Blockade Runner mission!
A new exciting (and deadly) mission type has been added to Pirates of Gravitae, the rocket fuelled dogfighting roguelike! This one involves a ground based threa...
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Sail ho! Treasure Raid missions added!
A new update has been uploaded for the game. The major addition in this version is the new Treasure Raid mission type. In a nutshell, treasure raid missions are...
Design Influences Behind Pirates of Gravitae
Now that Pirates of Gravitae (PoG henceforth) has been out in alpha form for about a week now, I feel like I should write about the core design and narrative id...
Free demo now available
Just a quick post to say that a free demo of the game is now available. It has only the first 4-5 missions of the campaign available, and just a couple abilitie...
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Ahoy Mateys!
Hello everyone and thank you all who have bought and/or downloaded the first release of my game! I wanted to personally welcome you on board. This is a very exc...

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